Join us for the PearlBrand Virtual Book Launch Extravaganza—a spice-infused celebration of flavors, recipes, and cultural tales. Embark on a journey where culinary magic meets virtual reality. Secure your spot now and choose your pass to this unforgettable event. Whether you’re a Spice Seeker or a VIP Spice Explorer, get ready to savor every moment!

Green Vegetable Salad in Glass Bowl

Live Cooking Demos & Tasting

Immerse yourself in live cooking demonstrations, where culinary magic comes to life. Watch as renowned chefs bring the vibrant flavors of the Caribbean to your screen, providing a sensory experience that goes beyond words.

Exclusive Author Insights

Join P. Eliana Williams, the culinary mastermind behind the book, for an exclusive Author Q&A session. Dive into the stories behind the recipes, learn about the inspiration, and get a firsthand look at the creative process that shaped “A Collection of Great Pepper Jelly Recipe Ideas.”

VIP Spice Explorer Experience

Elevate your event experience with the VIP Spice Explorer pass. Gain exclusive access to a post-event Q&A with P. Eliana Williams and receive a complete bundle of all three flavors of PearlBrand Pepper Jelly (mini jars). This premium package is designed for those who crave a truly immersive and unforgettable journey.

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